Namaste, my name is Shakeema Funchess and I’m a Brooklynite born and raised. However, I currently reside in Albany, New York. Graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Pre-Law and a minor in Arabic & Islamic Studies. While there I dabbled in multilingual education taking up beginner’s to intermediate grasp of Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and Latin. As an undergraduate I spent time doing research on happiness & intellect and multilingual prowess & happiness. I am in no respect an expert on either topic but I started this blog to engage more people in my quest for not only understanding happiness but achieving it and sharing it. I consider myself a spiritual being rather than a religious being so interfaith dialogue is not only welcomed but appreciated.

May time be on your side and may you be a better you than yester you.
Agape & Eros, novice blogger and avid dreamer.


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