سعادة, Felicidad, Xing Fu, Felicitas, Bonheur, Felicita

We can say we want happiness. We can say whether or not we have happiness but defining what happiness is exactly is a daunting task. The reason for this is that in the end happiness is subjective and situational. It varies based on cultural and individualistic constructs that we develop throughout life. So how can we tell if we are happy, if we can have more happiness and lastly if we can foster happiness in other?
I truthfully believe that happiness is contagious, like depression, it can be spread or stopped by the distinct choices we make in life. Our actions decide whether we will experience moment-by-moment, fleeting happiness or long-term life satisfaction. When people ask me why I’m so happy even after experiencing a bad day at work (as a cashier I encounter a number of unsavory characters) I usually do not have a honest answer. I generally make a light hearted joke that alcohol helps a lot or something else silly. All jokes aside, I guess I’m able to differentiate between a bad day and a bad life.
Despite a bad experience I’ve coached my inner self to highlight positive emotions over negative ones. However, I do not ignore negative emotions because healthy coping skills dictate that they do need to be addressed in some manner. For instance, when dealing with an aggressively putrefied mood I tend to focus on reflecting about who I am, what I want to be and what I mean to others. In doing that I am able to decrease the impact of a negative experience on me.
In the roundabout tangent I just took I guess I would say to me, and your perspective on this issue may differ. There is one element of happiness that remains constant for most individuals -peace. So what’s your peace-shui (my made up term for peace flow; which I will talk about more later on)? How does peace flow from your inner core to your outer core? Does it translate into good happiness chi for you and those around you?

Looking forward to your responses. Remember the wise words of Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t worry, be happy”.


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